Why Kratom Is More Than Just A „Legal High“


As a natural supplement that produces opiate-like effects without being harmful to an organism at all, Kratom has gained its popularity a number of years ago. Currently, this plant-based product is being used worldwide, mostly for medicinal purposes. Ever since it was discovered by wide audiences in the Western world however, a number of officials and so called experts were quick to label Kratom as a “legal high”, suggesting that this remedy is in fact nothing more than yet another recreational drug. But seeing it this way means missing out on a myriad of Kratom’s benefits for the body, mind and general wellbeing.

How Is Kratom Different From Opioids?

Before explaining how Mitragyna Speciosa products function inside our bodies, let us clarify one thing – Kratom is not an opioid. Its chemical composition is a mixture of natural alkaloids that can be found elsewhere in the plant world. Led by mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, these compounds act very similarly to popular opioids usually used as mood-enhancers or painkillers. Although Kratom’s alkaloids affect the same brain cells as all such substances do, they actually perform in a quite unique way.

Within the body, Mitragyna Speciosa presumes the role of an opioid receptor agonist, and for that reason, this remedy is often compared to morphine. Both substances travel directly to the sympathetic nervous system, where they trigger various psychosomatic conditions in a rather positive way. What the user then experiences as a feeling of high is actually a series of physical and mental sensations rooted right in the brain. Pain and anxiety relief, as well as balanced blood pressure all come as a consequence of these processes that alter the brain chemistry, but unlike morphine, Kratom does it all in a completely natural way, without any danger of causing physical damage.

What Kinds Of Kratom High Exist?


Thanks to its unique composition, Kratom has a possibility of acting as both a tranquilizer and an energy-booster. Depending on the different properties that each Kratom variety has, this remedy is being used as a pain reliever and a powerful antidepressant, while simultaneously increasing vitality, improving the mood and stimulating intrinsic motivation. Consequently, Mitragyna Speciosa products are powerful enough to better our lifestyle choices and, particularly when used over longer periods of time, encourage healthiness and bring balance to the whole organism.

How to Choose a Strain?

If looking for a Kratom product for your specific needs, you should get familiar with the different effects of Mitragyna Speciosa strains, since all of them act in their own individual way.

For an energizing high, opt for white veins – they are known to produce the sensation of mild euphoria in the beginning, while ultimately uplifting optimism, enhancing energy and sharpening focus.

Contrary to those, red Kratom veins are especially apt for freeing you from stress and anxiety, as well as regulating your sleep cycle, which is why they are considered the most potent variety for delivering a relaxing high.

In less words, you can expect your Kratom dose to either calm you down and help you unwind and relax or increase your energy levels and boost your overall mood, depending on the strain you’re using at the moment. Unlike prescription medications usually used for achieving the same effects, Kratom use doesn’t set off brain fog, dizziness or other side-effects common with opioid drugs.

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