Kratom vs. Cannabis – What is the difference

Whenever Kratom is mentioned, one thought definitely pops in everyone’s head; “Is it better than weed?” The reason why this question emerges is because both plants have somewhat similar uses; they can be used as painkillers, or they can help people with anxiety issues. They can even motivate people. So, the topic of this article will be to compare these two plants, and find out which one serves as a better focus booster, or pain killer, or as an anxiety suppressant. Of course, no real research was ever conducted to test these two drugs, so the winner will be simply ascertained based on the overall user experience and feedback.

Cognitive functions

Not much to discuss here really, since every Kratom user will tell you the exact same thing. Kratom does not impact your cognition in a negative way, as long as you consume it in lower doses. In fact, it can have positive effects, like increased focus, motivation and productivity, which is truly beneficial for just about anyone. Weed on the other hand is well known for making people’s memory foggy, and for slowing down cognitive processes. Sure, the same thing will happen to you if you take too much Kratom; you will feel more sleepy and drowsy. But, unlike Kratom, weed does not have any positive effects in this department whatsoever, unless you are actively trying to forget things.

Pain relieving effects

Again, no real study was conducted, so it can’t be said if these plants can be a solution for chronic pain, but anyone who used them claims that they are decent painkillers. All you need to do is adjust the dosage of Kratom and it can be an effective painkiller for extended time periods. Cannabis does not last as long as Kratom, but it appears that it has better anti-inflammatory properties, thereby it can deal with the source of the pain and promote healing. So, it’s kind of a draw in this department, since one plant has better duration, whereas the other one has anti-inflammatory properties.


Anxiety reducing effects

Both plants can be used to combat anxiety but, they do it in their own way. Kratom helps with anxiety by increasing your focus and motivation, whereas cannabis tends to relax you, since it serves as a sedative. The problem with cannabis is that people may develop anxiety by using it. It is not such an uncommon occurrence for people to start feeling paranoid and anxious after smoking cannabis. On the other hand, this side-effect probably occurs due to the legal status of cannabis in most countries.  

Even though Kratom dominates in these departments, cannabis has its own advantages. Weed is consumed in a far more pleasant way. Kratom requires users to be careful with its intake and to be mindful of the dosage, whereas weed can be used for recreational purposes more freely, without too much fear of negative side-effects if one goes overboard with the dose. So, both plants have their pros and cons, and it all depends on what you want to achieve.



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    This article is pure pandering shit, couldn’t get more bias.

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    Not that I know of! I use Kratom most Everyday. No. The capsules themselves have no smell or odor like herb does. Best Thing about it besides it kills pain.

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