Taking Kratom for Insomnia: Best Veins and Dosages

Each night, millions of people in the U.S. struggle with insomnia. For some, not being able to fall asleep or stay asleep the whole night through can can lead to an ongoing, chronic problem that wastes plenty of energy and causes high pressure, depression, fatigue, an inability to focus and overall lethargy. According to The American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the number of those suffering from this disorder continues to rise, with 35% of adults in the U.S. currently reporting symptoms.

To shun away the negative impact that insomnia has on health and daytime functioning, a majority of inflicted people resort to prescription sleep aid. Even if they do provide temporary help, sleeping pills have plenty of side effects and risk. Contrary to those, herbal remedies such is Kratom can treat insomnia in a completely natural and harmless way.

Why Is Kratom the Best Alternative?

What sets Mitragyna Speciosa apart from other solutions is the plant’s unique chemical composition. 100% natural and alkaloid-rich, each Kratom leaf is powerful enough to connect with both body and mind in a soothing and pleasing way. When used as a treatment for insomnia, Kratom directly affects our sympathetic nervous system, thus altering our heart rate and breathing. Consequently, it changes and directs the overall rhythm of our organisms and, as a relaxant, calms the body and pacifies the mind.

Unlike sleeping pills, Kratom is a perfectly safe solution that doesn’t cause any undesirable side effects. With its relaxing potential, it makes it easier for an insomniac to doze off and remain asleep, without experiencing morning dizziness or hangover, but a feeling of rest and invigoration instead.

How Can You Achieve the Desired Result?


One thing you should be cautious about, however, is Kratom tolerance. If used continually for a long period of time, the plant’s effects can start to wear off, which is why occasional breaks are highly recommended. In case of insomnia, it’s advisable to take Kratom on an as-needed basis, but if your sleeping disorder is quite severe, you should learn to balance regular usages and space them out in a way that’s less likely to develop tolerance. Once you notice that your usual dosage doesn’t help you out the way it used to in the beginning, try taking a short break, which will allow your body to regain the stability it needs in order to reset Kratom’s sedative effects and make them sufficient enough.

Adequate Dosages

Being a natural remedy with a number of different usages, Kratom is not chemically adjusted to mend sleeping problems immediately after ingesting. For that reason, taking a portion right before bedtime might not be the best choice – rather, consider implementing it regularly and as a herbal supplement that changes your daily habits and promotes a healthier lifestyle in general. To achieve the sedative effect you desire, you should take your dose approximately 3 to 6 hours before going to bed. The most powerful dose for treating insomnia is 4 to 5 grams.

Best Veins for Sedation


Kratom comes in many different varieties, and not all of them are equally successful in restoring our sleeping cycles. Products made of white and green Kratom strains are considered a strong energisers, and might not be the greatest solution for your problem. Unlike those, red veins are praised for their tranquilizing potential and extremely gentle and effective in treating sleeping disorders. Opt for Red Thai, and you’ll find yourself waking up in the morning refreshed and motivated for a whole day of hard work.

Among its many usages, Mitragyna Speciosa is a completely natural solution for sleeping disorders as well. Apart from being incredibly effective in treating insomnia, this plant is completely safe and potent enough to better your lifestyle choices and restore your health.

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