Different Veins and Benefits of Borneo Kratom

As attested by experienced users, the definite list of the best Kratom strains would never have been completed without varieties like Maeng Da, Bali, Indo and, our favorite of the day, Borneo Kratom. Although less intense in its effects than the supreme Maeng Da, this strain promises and delivers high quality and potency that makes it our top choice when it comes to relaxation and revitalization.

The market is currently flooded with various types of Kratom products, and each of those differentiate according to their country of origin, method of production, strength and form. Consequently, every Kratom strain affects the brain in its unique way, which is why getting familiar with all of them before choosing your own is quite important.

A Brief History of Borneo Leaves

Designated in accordance to its provenance, the Borneo strain comes from the largest island in Asia, where Mitragyna Speciosa trees have started to grow wild over thousands of years ago. Used by locals as a herbal remedy, its leaves were discovered quite early, and are now being refined into different forms of powders and pills and shipped over to the West.

At about the same time when the distribution of Borneo Kratom began, strains from Bali were transported to the island and shipped together with this indigenous sort, which is why the two are now usually referred to as the same variety. So, if in doubt about which one to buy, the odds are pretty great that the Bali-named strain you’ve been considering was, in fact, produced from Borneo Kratom leaves, and vice versa.

Borneo Vein Colors and Their Effects


For novice users, the nomenclature of Kratom products can be quite confusing. In a nutshell, each product on the market is being named according to its origin or color of the central stem of a Kratom tree leaf, but oftentimes, such product can be designated with both labels. While origin guarantees quality and strength, the vein color implies specific uses and different sensations experienced after consummation.

In relation to this, Borneo Kratom is a strain that comes from tree leaves of various stem colors – red, white and green – and, as such, delivers a number of different effects. What’s mutual for them all is a unique smell, great potency and an extremely low side-effect factor which differentiates them from other Kratom strains.

Red Borneo. Being the most popular among them, Red Borneo is brilliant for relaxation. In general, red Kratom strains are considered to be best for sedating, and the Borneo variety is no different – it’s smooth and gentle in its delivery, and triggers soothing, pain-relieving and tranquilizing sensations.

White Borneo. Although less common among users, White Borneo has a unique ability of fighting off depression and lethargy, while keeping your energy levels high throughout the day at the same time. If opting for this variety, expect increased mental focus and very pleasant and encouraging euphoria.

Green Borneo. One of the greatest benefits of Kratom is its potential to alleviate chronic pain; by combining the effects of Red and White Borneo veins, this variety is very effective in remedying re-occurring conditions, as well as enhancing the overall mood and sharpening focus.


That way, Borneo Kratom encompasses various benefits of this all-natural remedy, and is perfect for those looking for a herbal supplement to bring balance to their minds and restore health to their organism.

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