White, Red and Green Vein Kratom User Guide

When trying to decide which Kratom strain to use for various purposes, many people don’t quite know where to start and how to make the right decision. If you are dealing with the same kind of confusion, you should know that there are two different methods for determining the quality of a particular Kratom strain you are thinking about using.

The first method refers to identifying the region a particular strain was grown in. The second and more important method refers to the color of the leaves, that is, the veins running down the middle of each leaf. Kratom leaves contain alkaloids that are responsible for the various effects each Kratom strain has and, depending on the color, a particular strain can have different effects on both mind and body.

As there are three different types of Kratom strains when it comes to the color of the leaves, take a look at their main characteristics that differentiate them, so that you can know exactly which one is right for you.

White Vein Kratom



White vein Kratom is typically known to promote all the effects and benefits that have to do with stimulation and energy. The white vein Kratom strains contribute to a positive mood and provide benefits that include euphoria, high physical and mental energy, increased focus and concentration, as well as pain relief.

White vein Kratom also increases motivation and endurance, which can be very beneficial to the users who work long hours. If you happen to need something a bit stronger than caffeine in order to be more energized and alert, white vein Kratom is the right one for you. However, if you take it too late in the day, you may experience restless sleep or insomnia.

Nevertheless, although anyone can use this particular Kratom strain and experience positive and satisfying effects. People suffering from depression or asthenia will definitely experience the best possible results from using white vein Kratom.

Red Vein Kratom



Red vein Kratom relieves tension and has a very calming influence on both body and mind. It eases the mind and promotes the sense of optimism and well-being. It also reduces stress and anxiety, as well as helps lower blood pressure.

As this particular Kratom strain promotes relaxing and calming effects, many people dealing with insomnia use it as a sleep enhancer. Red vein Kratom also reduces pain, so it is used to release muscle tension. Many people also use it as an alternative to pharmaceutical pain killers.

Some strains of red vein Kratom are known to be analgesics, while others promote high mood enhancement. However, all of the effects can vary depending on the dosage. Nevertheless, the main effects of this particular type of Kratom are tranquillity and serenity.

Green Vein Kratom



Many people identify green vein Kratom as being the perfect blend of all the benefits that white and red vein Kratom strains provide. Green vein Kratom provides high levels of energy, without putting you on edge, allowing you to perform your daily activities with a completely clear and relaxed inner state and at very high levels of productivity. The effects also include optimism and euphoria, while any pain, either temporary or chronic, is completely eliminated.

Although green vein Kratom promotes alertness and focus, it has a much subtler effect than white or red vein strains. Furthermore, although it can be used for treating pain, it does not result in drowsiness or lethargy that many analgesics can cause.

Which of these three Kratom strains you should use? The answer to this question is a matter best left to your own personal preference. Not every white vein Kratom strain will have the same effects on every user, and the same goes for both red and green vein Kratom strains. Therefore, you should try them on your own and determine which one works best for you.
Hopefully, this article has removed all the confusion and made your decision easier. If you need additional information about particular Kratom strains and their various health effects, as well as how to use it, feel free to check out our blog, as it will certainly provide you with all the answers you need.





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