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Each Kratoms strain provides specific effects. If you want to find the one that is most suitable for your needs, read through this list of four most popular Kratom strains we have compiled for you.

Red Vein Bali

This strain is a very relaxing and sedating type of kratom. It is recommended for those who are looking for a relaxing strain with sedative and analgesic properties.

Red Vein is found in Indonesia and regions that surround it. It is named after the island of Bali, where it was first discovered. Since then, this strain has been grown in all of Indonesia as well in surrounding countries.

The effects that made this strain of the most popular and best-selling strain around the globe are many. The main reason why it has many positive effects on a human body is that the strain contains a large number of alkaloids, more than twenty to be precise.

Analgesic – Red Bali is famous for its analgesic and pain relieving effects. Scientist explain that these benefits come from the diversity of alkaloids found in this strain. This is what makes this strain the best substitute for prescription pain drugs.

Sedative and Relaxant – The sedative effects of this strain is what makes it popular among kratom consumers. While there are strains with stronger effects, Red Bali’s mild sedation effect seems to be something many people look for.

Anxiolytic and Stress Reducer – This strain helps reduce anxiety and stress. Reviews show that Red Bali helps by simply melting away stress and anxiety while not having as powerful of an impact as some other strains.

Solid Gold – Bali

If you want a fast acting strain that provides uplifting effects that last long, with a strong kick in just 20 minutes after consuming, this strain is the right choice for you. It is also suitable for people who have chronic pain. Being very strong and powerful, this strain reached popularity in a very short time.

Super Green Malay


If you desire a mental vacation, this relaxing strain can help you out. It is a great strain for anyone who wants to better concentrate, as it is known for its cognition-enhancing properties. Its ability to increase focus, mental energy and endurance is what makes it so popular.

Super Green Malay is also known by its analgesic effects. This strain has mild analgesic effects and it won’t make you feel less energized and or lose focus while under its effects.

The effects of this strain last for a quite a long time. It is explained by thick cell walls of this strain’s cells and its specific alkaloid mixture. Thick cell walls cause alkaloids to break down more slowly than in the other strains.

Green Borneo

This strain of has all the beneficial effects of the other two Borneo strains, red and white. It is known to alleviate pain from chronic conditions. Green Borneo is also known by the effects it has on a person’s mood, elevating it to euphoric levels.

Green Borneo strain also has beneficial effects on concentration, stress and anxiety. All these benefits make it one of the most popular strains out there.

Indonesian White Horn


If you lack stimulation before starting to work, Indonesian white horn strain is a right choice for you. Its stimulating effect will not only wake you up, but provide you with energy and endurance that you’ll need for the work day ahead of you. It can produce the most euphoric or mood-lifting effects of all strains available.

Indonesian white strain is also known by its cognition-boosting effects. Consumers reported an increased ability to recall memorized content and also increased focus. This is explained by a combination of its energetic and analgesic effects, which seem to help natural focus while dampening background noise.

These were four of the most popular strains of kratom. Read through effects and make sure to pick a kratom strain that will suit you best.


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