Big Pharma’s Kratom Battle

Big Pharma Continues to Spread False Information about Kratom

Big Pharma's Kratom Battle

Kratom is a herb that has been used for centuries by quite a lot of people, to help them treat various health conditions. This incredible herb is great for relieving chronic pain, strengthening the immune system, boosting energy, improving sleep, breaking opiate addiction, as well as for treating diabetes, anxiety, depression, PTSD, chronic stress, and a number of very serious health diseases. Kratom has great medicinal value and the chemical compounds found inside its leaves have exceptional health benefits.

Unfortunately, Kratom has been dubbed dangerous and addictive by big pharmaceutical companies, which has led to some countries making it illegal for general use. Big Pharma’s marketing campaign of spreading misconceptions about Kratom is leading people to believe that Kratom is extremely bad for our health, when it’s actually quite the opposite.


Why All the Fuss about Kratom?


Fuss about Kratom

Kratom has become increasingly popular among people across the world, primarily because of its numerous health benefits and, secondly, because it is completely natural. Seriously, why use prescription drugs when there’s a herb offering you a lot more benefits that can really improve your health? Because it is natural, people find it healthier than any drug that the pharmaceutical industry introduces to the market. Moreover, there are no side-effects of using Kratom, as opposed to a number of different side-effects of various prescription drugs.

Due to this growing popularity of Kratom because of all the benefits it offers to its consumers, pharmaceutical companies are facing a significant loss in revenue, hence the negative marketing campaign. The Big Pharma spreads rumours that Kratom is highly addictive and extremely unhealthy in order for the people using it to stop and turn to the expensive drugs they offer instead.

For all of those who use Kratom and know everything about it, Big Pharma’s battle is actually quite ridiculous. When you think about it, it really is. Why label something dangerous and mark it as addictive as heroin simply because it’s more popular than what you are selling? That is what Big Pharma does.

It distorts the truth in order to ban a healthy herb with great medicinal value simply because the sales of expensive drugs are dropping because of the popularity of Kratom. Seriously, where is the logic in that? People should be free to use whatever they need to relieve their pain and improve their health.


Is Big Pharma Winning the Kratom Battle?


Kratom Battle

The answer to this question depends on the way you look at it. Globally, there are only eight countries where Kratom has been made illegal, but there are six countries in which harsh regulations have been imposed on it. In those countries, Kratom has been labelled a Schedule 1 drug, which means that it has been dubbed highly-addictive and having no medicinal value.

Some of those regulations were imposed quite recently and there is no sign that Big Pharma will not influence even more countries in the future to follow their lead. That’s the thing with mass media; the big pharmaceutical companies have a lot of influence over what will be advertised and presented to the public. It’s up to us and you, the respected readers, to choose whether we will let them impose their influence on us or make a stand.

Therefore, they are definitely not winning the battle, at least not yet. No one can predict the future but, for now, Kratom is still legal in almost every country across the globe and a majority of people can use it for treating various health conditions. It’s unfortunate that there are places where people who want and need to use it cannot do so freely, but we are the only ones who can make the change. We can be the change – all we have to do is speak up and make our voices heard. Hopefully, the echoes we create will open people’s minds and let them hear us in order to realize and understand the exceptional benefits Kratom has to offer.

Big Pharma’s battle against Kratom is far from over, which is exactly why we need to stand united. Don’t let them win! They want their lucrative source of revenue to continue to flourish due to people becoming addicted to their expensive pharmaceutical drugs and it’s nothing personal – it’s business. However, their “business” is what makes people addicts. It’s not Kratom that people are addicted to and the spreading of lies about it must be stopped.

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    The “System” wants the “slaves” (us) to be completely dependant on and at the “mercy” of IT (the System). It’s not even really about Big Pharma pain killers since most mainstream doctors will no longer prescribe any of the classic Pharma pain killers and when they do, the pharmacies treat you like a criminal for merely trying to fill a prescription! No, it’s not really about “Big Pharma” profits. It’s about our SUFFERING and THEIR CONTROL! They are PSYCHOPATHIC CONTROL FREAKS who literally (spiritually) “feed” off our suffering and misery. That’s it in a nutshell. And you have to be spiritually minded (not “religious” but SPIRITUAL) to fully understand what’s going on. Bottom line: They don’t want us to have ANYTHING that is truly good for us. And I forgot to mention that even if you manage to get a legal prescription for Big Pharma pain killers, they have watered them all down with fillers (sometimes TOXIC fillers, like aspartame). None of the pills today are at the strength they were 15-20 years ago, but they count on younger people not knowing the difference. That includes the so called “diet pills” like Adipex and Phentermine. Totally watered down, ineffective garbage. These evil scum bags are conning and screwing Americans every way possible.

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