Kratom as Prevention and Treatment for Immune Disorders


Ever since the first manual laborer in Thailand ate a leaf from a Kratom tree, the medicinal, as well as the functional benefits of this herb have become widely known, studied and praised. So far, mitragyna speciosa has been accepted as a natural remedy for chronic pain, depression and anxiety, but also used as a salubrious supplement for increasing energy levels and preventing fatigue. Due to its alkaloid saturated chemical composition, Kratom is one of the most potent medicinal herbs when it comes to repairing and reinforcing the immune system.

Weakened Immune System?

If impatient to blame germs for your weak health and regular colds, remember this: when boosted and strong, there is little that the immune system cannot fight off. Unfortunately, our body’s’ main defense system always has a lot to deal with, and is thereby easily affected by extrinsic factors like weather, nutrition, sleeping habits and general lifestyle choices.

Once impacted by them, our bodies react in connection with our psyche and promptly showcase symptoms of a low immune function, the most common of them being fatigue, frequent infections, flus, colds and allergies. Everything is tightly connected inside our bodies, and in the center of it all, the immune system plays a crucial role. When weakened by immunodeficiency, the organism is more susceptible to emotional disturbances like stress, anxiety and fatigue, as well as external menaces like contamination and germs.

Can Kratom Help?


Not only that Kratom strains can revitalize our immune systems and make them stronger, but they actually affect these agents altogether, consequently restoring both body and mind to health. People in Thailand still use them to boost energy and protect their organisms from hazardous inflictions of hard physical work.

By reducing stress and diminishing lethargy to the minimum, Kratom eliminates some of the crucial factors of immune disorders while simultaneously functioning like a valuable supplement in case of nutrient deficiency. In result, this herb is powerful enough to prevent, as well as mend both less severe conditions like common colds, flus, and acute diseases such as cancer. That being said, Kratom can be used as prevention, when it significantly increases defensive mechanisms of the immune system or as a treatment for reducing the duration and intensity of an illness.

Kratom as a Potent Immunostimulant

The unique chemical composition of mitragyna speciosa is rich with around 25 alkaloids led by isomitraphylline, isorhynchophylline, isopteropodine and Mitraphylline, all of which are combined in a synergistic manner to form a potent immunostimulant, very similarly to those of a well-known immune system booster, cat’s claw.

Besides increasing energy levels and stimulating mental power, Kratom lowers blood pressure and controls blood sugar levels. Its opiate-like effects provide a gentle sense of euphoria, just strong enough to keep you motivated through an entire day, without any harmful side effects or risks of forming addiction. Ultimately, Kratom contains a number of antiviral and antibacterial properties crucial for their general wellbeing.

Is Every Kratom Strain Effective for Immunodeficiency?


Kratom trees spur various strains of mitragyna, but not all of them are equally beneficial in stimulating the immune system. Knowing their different properties, as well as the way in which they affect the body and mind is always important, given the fact that Kratom’s popularity has inspired the production of numerous mitragyna products that differ in origin, form and quality.

Currently, the market offers Kratom powders, pills, tinctures and raisins of premium, super and enhanced intensity. All of these differentiators influence the potency and effectiveness of immunostimulant properties in a product.

For all of these reasons, getting familiar with Kratom terms will significantly help you decide on which strain and color to choose for your immunodeficiency, as well as how to responsibly use and dose it. The most effective strains for your weakened immune system are Green Malaysian and Borneo, whose names indicate the region of origin and thereby the unique properties of these varieties.

If choosing by color – which marks the hue of the central stem of Kratom leaf, not the color of the product – Green Vain might be the best option for you. When it comes to dosage, the right portions of Kratom for stimulating the immune system is moderate (5 to 15 grams) to low (1 to 5 grams).

Why choose Kratom?

If wondering why to choose an alternative medicament instead of prescribed drugs, the answer is simple – with Kratom, you know what you get. Mitragyna products are completely natural and provenly non-addictive, and all of them are known to promote an overall health benefit in accordance to their specific medicinal properties.

Contrary to the pharmacological medicaments, Kratom can be consumed in many different ways – besides aforementioned ones, the plant can be taken in a manner of a tea and other types of drinks as well – which allows you to choose effects and dosages according to your personal habits and needs.

However beneficial Mitragyna speciosa is to the general well being of your organism, it’s important to use it responsibly. The very same Kratom product can have quite different effects on different individuals, which is why learning as much about this herb as you can and treating your chosen strain with comprehension and common sense is paramount for getting the best return.

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