Things You Should Know About Kratom Drug Interactions


Wonderfully healing and legally disputed, Kratom is the plant we now all want to talk about, taste and recommend to our suffering friends. Its non-addictive medical properties make it the best natural remedy of the century, with more scientists showing their interest in studying its effects further each day. It heals depression and soothes anxiety, it helps addicts overcome their withdrawal tortures, and despite all of that, it’s still considered as controversial. While our governments stubbornly claim that we still don’t have all the important information about its long-term effects, we passionately share those we do. And when it comes to mixing Kratom with recreational puffs and medical drugs, we have all the right answers.


Kratom and Alcohol

Considering that science mostly turns a blind eye when natural medicine is in case, we still have little to rely on but our common sense and other users’ anecdotes. Those who have mixed Kratom with alcohol, however, don’t always agree on their experiences. For some, the combination of the two has delivered a more intense and prolonged effect of the plant, and they insist on using alcohol as Kratom’s powerful potentiator.

Others, who weren’t so lucky, have testified about mild side effects, mostly in the form of a headache, nausea and hangover. Before switching to cautionary tale involving scientific facts and pure logic, all we can conclude from these opposite testimonies is that many personal factors determine how each of us might react to the Kratom-alcohol combo, and we can never be sure of its consequences. Reason urges us to avoid large amounts of alcohol whenever we use medical or other recreational drugs, and this notion is applicable to this case as well.

Both Kratom and alcohol are mood altering substances, and while the first both stimulates and slows down the nervous system, the second is known for its immediate depressant effects. Depending on the health, immune system or mood of each individual user, Kratom’s depressant properties can prevail, in which case mixing it with yet another depressant such as alcohol can lead to unwanted and unpleasant consequences.


Kratom and Marijuana


With same history of medical use and same struggle with the authorities, Kratom and weed are known to be two merry siblings. If you’re considering trying them at the same time, you can rest assured that nothing undesirable or dangerous will happen to your body or mind. Unlike alcohol, which potentiating impact on Kratom is sometimes questionable, marijuana has been proven to be highly effective in enhancing the plant’s gentle delivery.

Users who have tried it before have all vouched for its mutual synergy that rarely results in a headache or upset stomach. Still, there are some things to consider. As explained before, Kratom can sometimes display different effects; depending on the dosage, overall health or disposition, its consumption can leave you amazingly relaxed or significantly energetic.

As weed has similar effect, some caution is recommended. Before going through with your experiment, be sure that you’ve learned more about different strains of both plants and their various potential effects. And just to be perfectly safe, use only a small amount of weed. That way, Kratom’s effects will be intensified without any risk of needless side effects.


Pain Killers

Among its other uses, Kratom is best known as a highly effective pain medication. Numerous long-term consumers have declared that the plant have helped them with their chronic pains and managed aching conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis. Unlike the painkillers most of the doctors prescribe, Kratom relieves you from wearisome side effects and keeps you vigorous and focused.

But when the pain is still too strong, the question arises – should you be mixing Kratom with other analgesics? Well, there are some who claim that Kratom have only blocked out the effect of their pain killers, but then again, there are some who support their simultaneous use. Pain medications are known as relievers – they don’t eliminate pain or heal the condition, but only manage its intensity.

As a result, they can keep you glued to your bed for a long period of time and prevent you from leading a normal life. In such situations, Kratom can be of great help for your breakthrough pains; taken in low dosages, it won’t necessarily eliminate the effect of analgesics, but it will remove their side effects.    
Kratom is first and foremost a remedy. For those who are sentenced to its continual use because of their struggles with pain, illness or distress, Kratom is still safe to combine with most of other popular drugs. If you consume it as a much needed cure for your health condition, be sure to use it wise and responsibly.

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