Effects of Red and Green Riau Kratom


These two Kratom strains have recently been developed and commercialized as Mitragyna Speciosa. Finding this particular strain is rather hard, as not many vendors have it in their supply. These two strains come from the Riau area in Indonesia, which is located in the Southern part of the island of Sumatra. They were known as the Sumatra Kratom, but as more people started using them, they came to realize that these two different strains actually have slightly different effects.

Information about Riau Kratom

This strain is gathered from the wild trees in Indonesia. Using the most advanced processing techniques, the powder is successfully extracted from these plants. The area of Riau offers the perfect climate for these plants, having a lot in common with the Borneo regions.

Even though the strain is fairly similar to other Indonesian strains, there is a certain taste that definitely makes this strain different from others. It is particularly useful for people who are looking for a pleasant smelling strain, as a nice aroma makes it much easier for them to consume kratom.

Red Vein Riau


Similar to other Red Vein strains, Red Rain is very relaxing and effective as an anxiolytic and analgesic. Compared to the other strains, such as Red Bali or Red Thai, this strain is much less intense, while still offering muscle relaxation. And, it’s great for improving the mood. It is a perfect solution for people suffering with anxiety.

This is a strain that can cause both euphoria and calmness, depending on the dosage. According to reviews, this strain is mellow and it offers benefits for both the mind and the body. Additionally, what makes this strain particularly attractive for many people is the fact that it is less bitter and much tastier, making it much easier to consume. You can either consume it raw or make your own tea.

Green Vein Riau


This is a slightly different Riau strain. It is called green due to the fact that the vein in the middle of the leaf is green. The difference in color is mainly caused by the fact that there are different alkaloid compounds in the leaves. The presence of different alkaloids also causes different types of effects.

When consumed in smaller doses, this green kratom strain causes higher energy levels, which is also related to higher amounts of motivation, concentration and focus. When it comes to the effects on the body, the Green Vein Riau does not cause any special effects; the plant affects the mind more.

When compared to other green kratom strains, consumers say that this strain causes effects that do not last as long as the other ones. However, it is important to say that, depending on the dosage, this strain can cause different types of effects. Some say that it is very energizing, whereas others have found it to be sedative as well. It is a perfect balance for those who need more energy and concentration. Those who are already active and have anxiety and insomnia issues should steer away from this strain and pick another one that causes different effects.

Finding this type of strain is currently very hard, as not all stores are equipped with it. However, as it is gaining more popularity among consumers, it is certain that it is going to become much more available in a variety of online stores.s


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